Welcome to The Fine Wine Business Network, a group for people with a passion for fine wine. Our aim is to bring together people with a wide range of professional interests but united by a love of fine wine.

We host face to face networking events at our private venue in Mayfair.

If you are interested in attending one of our networking events and want to know about our activities and upcoming events, please follow our group page on LinkedIn.

We believe in hard work, integrity, courage, teamwork, humility, and having a sense of humour – all while enjoying some fantastic wines together.


Book here to attend the Fine Wine Business Network event on 26th June 2018 @ Brook Street with Tim Campbell MBE, businessman and the first winner of The Apprentice in 2005.

Tim is the founder of his own entrepreneurial social enterprise Bright Ideas Trust, a charitable organisation that encourages young budding entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds to start business ventures by giving them greater access to start-up finance, real business mentors, and professional services advisors.


FWBN is the network for business people with a shared passion for fine wine. Let us help you to make networking and business development a pleasure.

FWBN is the place where business people with a non-professional interest in fine wine can share their knowledge, skills, and networks.

FWBN is dedicated to encouraging and celebrating the enjoyment of fine wine and how it can aid business. We are constantly looking to create value for our guests and to help them to build friendships, professional associations, and business opportunities together through our events.


Our mission is to create the best fine wine bar in the world, where the shared enjoyment of great wines sets the tone for long-lasting, productive, and enjoyable relationships.

By connecting our members, we hope that they can enjoy sharing fine wine as well as their business expertise and experience.

We encourage guests who attend our networking events to introduce themselves to other guests with, “How can I help you?”, not “What can you do for me?” We want to help you to meet somebody who can assist your business interests.

If you or your company wants to build relationships based on a shared interest and common values, then there is no better platform than the Fine Wine Business Network.

We enable guests to enjoy the wines, the venue, and each other's company.

Don't just take our word for it; come and find out for yourself at one of our forthcoming events.


Our values reflect those that we believe should be universal in business, not just the fine wine sector.

With clients, colleagues and suppliers we always want to conduct ourselves with:

  • Honesty in all our actions
  • Humility with everybody that we meet – we don’t know everything, nor do we pretend to
  • Integrity in everything that we do
  • Diligence in dealing with fine and rare wines – trust and respect with our suppliers and clients
  • Enjoyment in our work – not taking ourselves too seriously but always taking our work seriously

The Fine Wine Business Network


Tim and Vaughan Pearson of Seven Springs Vineyards

30th May 2018


"The story of Tim Pearson and his wife Vaughan is just the inspiration all entrepreneurs need to hear: about turning failures into opportunities, chasing your dream while always pushing it a bit further and always believe in yourself.

It is not your usual story about how to start and run a successful #winebusiness. It’s soft skills over hard skills, it’s about never stop learning, be a kind and considerate employee and above all #neverstoptrying

'There is not right or wrong in life, just a different experience. Live by this philosophy and you’ll never have regrets'

Thanks to  Stuart George for this great event #finewinebusinessnetwork"

Emilia Marinig, May 2018

“I had a wonderful evening. Will make sure to come to another one soon.”

Sorcha, May 2018

“Thanks a lot for your evening of wines and business stories. I had a great time!”

 Elena, May 2018

“Thank you for a great event with interesting people and amazing tasty wine. Enjoyable and knowledgeable.”
Alla, May 2018

"Hi Stuart, thank you for organising a great event yesterday" 
Jelena, May 2018

"Thanks for a great event Stuart. Tim and Vaughan Pearson were very interesting speakers. It’s great to hear about their journey and that it isn’t smooth sailing for anyone."

Charlotte, May 2018

“Thanks to Stuart for organising a great event last night, and to Robin Brattel for sharing some valuable entrepreneur stories and inspiration. It was awesome to meet everyone over some delicious 'table wine' and cheese!”
Abigail, April 2018

“Thanks for a brilliant evening Stuart, I really enjoyed it. You are a really good interviewer – great questions – and loved the humorous asides you made – brilliant! Great to know where the people I need to network with are!”
Peter, April 2018

“Just a quick note to say thank you again for last night.  It was a very enjoyable evening and I met three really good contacts who I'm already in touch with.”

Val, April 2018

“It was a great one indeed.”

Peter, April 2018

“Great event, and great welcoming host with a very important great sense of humour! Lovely wines as well. I met some great people, your contact book is excellent and I am sure will get even bigger and better as the events grow.”

Gavin, April 2018